espacio imagin café


The place for imaginers, both digitally and physically!

imaginBank creates the imaginCafé, a space of reference for you, imaginer.

Culture, fun, technology and youth, everything in the same place!

What will I find there?

  • Entertainment
    A cafeteria, gigs, performances and a gaming area, so you can play and discover what's new!

  • Innovation
    Multimedia labs, work rooms and lectures by entrepreneurial experts.

  • Inspiration
    Screening of films, series and documentaries, exhibitions and pop-up shops to learn about new brands.

How can I get to imaginCafé? I can't wait!

Easy, you only need to be part of imaginBank. If you're already an imaginer, you can come whenever you want or enjoy the experience on social networks or at imaginCafé's website.


FAQs and more information on the imaginCafé

  • 1. How can I take advantage of all the contents and advantages of imaginCafé?

    Simply register on the imaginCafé website by identifying yourself as an imaginBank customer and logging in as an imaginer.

  • 2. How do I become an imaginer?

    If you are an imaginBank customer, you are already an imaginer. You can log in from the menu in the imaginBank app.

    If are not a customer, you must sign up with your name and email in the imaginer zone to be able to enjoy certain imaginBank advantages and features.

  • 3. Where is the imaginCafé?

    We look forward to seeing you at Calle Pelai, 11, 08001 Barcelona. And remember that you can also find us on the website and social networks.

  • 4. How do I find out what's going on in imaginCafé?

    Through the social networks of imaginCafé and/or by registering as an imaginer on the imaginCafé website to receive a periodic newsletter with a calendar of all the activities and to sign up to activities before anyone else.

  • 5. How can I see imaginCafé contents without going there?

    Through our social networks and in the private area of the website if you are already an imaginBank customer, or by registering on the imaginCafé website as an imaginer.