Personalized communication information

Like other Apps, at imaginBank we use a technology called SDK to improve our service, we compile information about your interests and offer you content according to them.

1. How do we work to offer you personalized content?

Our priority is that you make the most out of imaginBank. That's why we want to customize visual imaginBank content from within and outside the application and make it relevant to you. To achieve this, we use tools that share relevant information and browsing such as marketing and advertising SDKs. An SDK (Software Development Kit) for marketing and advertising is a set of tools that allows analysis of target group behaviour in applications.

2. Why do we want to offer you personalized content?

At imaginBank we want to make it easy for you. That's why we think that the imaginBank content you receive from within and outside the app should fit your needs and what we know you are interested in from imaginBank. In this way, the information you receive will be tailored to your profile and interests.

3. What are the benefits for you?

Although we would like you to use imaginBank all the time, we know that this is not the case and that you browse the Internet and other applications in search of what interests you. That's why we want to ensure that while you are browsing other sites you can still receive information from imaginBank that interests you.

4. You choose

At imaginBank you have the power and we want you to be able to choose whether or not to receive personalized content by activating the Google and Facebook marketing and advertising SDKs within the imagBank application. You can change your settings at any time by accessing "Manage permissions" within the application settings.