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CaixaBank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions in accordance with Royal Decree 16/2011 of 14 October. The guaranteed amount is limited to €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.


This number represents the product’s level of risk, 1/6 being the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest.

Save using tricks and My Challenges, and make your dreams come true!

Here are some helpful tips you can put into practice:

  • Use My Challenges
    Establish a goal and give it a deadline, and it will be much easier to achieve it!

  • Walk everywhere you go
    This will not only help you save money, you can get in shape as well!

  • Organise your expenses
    When you know how much you're spending on each category, it's easier to figure out where you can save.

  • Wait for a sale
    Buy the things you need when they're on sale, then put the savings towards your trip!


As you can see, there are many ways to save. The decisions you make each day as well as your use of the My Challenges system can really be helpful.

Establish your goal and give it a deadline, then let the challenge begin!

  • It's easier to save if you have some company! Share your goal with your friends and ask them to help.

  • You can also customise it with your name and photo if you want. This will give you even more motivation!

  • Establish a periodic contribution. You'll be getting closer and closer to your trip!


“My Challenge” is a type of demand deposit designed to receive deposit orders, which account holders can use to establish a savings goal or plan for an amount that they determine themselves. By means of the imaginBank app, imaginBank will provide account holders with a service that will allow them to estimate the contribution amounts and scheduling needed to reach this savings goal. The deposit contracted in this modality will not cause any maintenance or administration fees to be accrued or charged.

Cancel commercial communication: to stop receiving these communications, log into your app and in the side menu click on Settings > Commercial communications by electronic channels. There you will be able to change your preferences. When these are changed, you will no longer receive any communication on offers, promotions or products of your interest, either through the imaginBank app, by e-mail or by SMS.

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