• In what countries is imaginBank available?

    At this time, we are only in Spain. Do you want to know what you need to register, both if you are a Caixabank customer and if you're coming from another bank?

  • Who is behind imaginBank?

    imaginBank is a Caixabank initiative designed for people who want to manage their money differently: clearly, simply and transparently. In this way, we benefit from the fact that we are part of one of the most solvent financial groups, to guarantee that all your money will be secure.

  • What inspires imaginBank?

    …imagine a bank that listens to you. And that, above all, understands you and helps you.

    …imagine a bank where all of its branches barely occupy a few megas on your cell phone.

    …imagine a bank without lines, without ties, without paperwork, without metal detectors, without complications.

    That bank already exists and is called imaginBank. It is a new way of doing banking, designed for modern people who want to have their money under control in the handiest way possible, from the palm of their hands.

    imaginBank transmits transparency and honesty, is user friendly, its services are sheer simplicity and it uses understandable and clear language.

    imaginBank is the digital bank you have always imagined.

    It is the bank as you would like to be your bank. Do you want to try it?