Mobile Banking App imaginBank

  • What can I do with the imaginBank app?

    At imaginBank, our motto is simplicity. The app has everything you need to manage your money most effectively, screen by screen:

    • - Hello!: is the screen summary of your financial situation, which you can personalize.
    • - My money: your balance and movements, separated by expenses and earnings.
    • - “My cards”: all your purchases, organized in a list or by categories.
    • - Bills: control your bills easily and quickly. Block the bills you don't want to pay, ask for reimbursements of those you already paid and look at the ranking of those that made the biggest hole in your pocket.
    • - My expenses: see what you have spent and received in groups, both for purchases and for bills.
    • - Discounts and experiences: discover the advantages you have for being part of imaginBank, both for discounts and offers for free time and the most exclusive experiences.
    • - Contact us: for any questions you may have, contact us however it is easiest for you (chat, phone or Twitter).
    • - Communications: we tell you everything that's happening with your money. That will help you have your money totally under control.

    You have more information in this video. You'll no longer have an excuse to say that not you didn't know!

  • On what cell phones does the imaginBank app work?

    imaginBank is compatible with all Android mobile from version 5.0 onwards.

    It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch from iOS 7.02 and is optimized for all iPhone since iPhone 5.

  • Where can I download the imaginBank app?

    Easy! You can download the imaginBank app at Google Play (Android) and the iTunes Store (iOS-iPhone).

    Remember that to use the cell phone app, you must first register with imaginBank. View registration instructions if you are a Caixabank customer or if you're coming from another bank.

  • Can I connect with my PC?

    No. imaginBank is a service that is managed from cell phones.

    You can view several things via Facebook, but if you want to access all the functions and advantages, you'll need to do it via the cell phone app.

  • I can’t remember the password to access the app. What should I do?

    On the imaginBank app homepage there is a button for such cases “Forgotten your password?”. You will be asked for your imaginBank VISA card details to recover your password to access the app.

    If you do not have your card, go to a CaixaBank branch where you will be given a new password.

  • My password to access the app is blocked. Now what?

    If you have failed 3 attempts to enter your access password, we block it to make sure that you are you. To resolve it, there are 2 options:

    1. If you remember your password, call us on 900 211 211 and we will help you unblock it. This line will be open from 8am to 8pm, excluding national bank holidays. You can also contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via WhatsApp on 606 428 673.
    2. If you can’t remember your access password; check the FAQ “I can’t remember the password to access the app: What should I do?”
  • What information can I see on the Hello! screen of my app?

    Hello! this will be your homepage, since we give you a summary of your financial situation here, which you can personalize however you like.

    Here you can see your balance, recent account movements, the status of the target that you set and defined in purchases and the ranking of categories where more of your money has gone.

  • What notifications do I receive?

    With imaginBank you will always be informed. We tell you everything that is happening with your money, so that nothing slips by you:

    • - The money you receive.
    • - The money you spend.
    • - Each time you make purchases.
    • - When you withdraw cash from the ATM.
    • - When you don't have enough money to pay a bill.
    • - When you're about to overpass your budget or when you've already passed it.