imagin Account without commission

  • How do I register for an imagin account with no fees if I am not a Caixabank customer?

  • How do I register for an imagin account with no fees if I am already a Caixabank customer?

    It's very easy! If you're already are a Caixabank customer, registering will be even faster because we already have your details.

    1. First download the app to your cell phone from the AppStore or Google Play.
    2. Enter your CaixaBankNow (CaixaBank's online banking) username so we can identify you.
    3. You have to define the passwords you'll use to login to imaginBank, as well as the PIN of your future imagin VISA card.
    4. After you're done, accept the contract terms using the Caixabank coordinates card or via the text message we will send you.
    5. After accepting, you can login to the app and start enjoying all the advantages of the imaginBank world.
    6. Within days you will receive a welcome letter, mailed to your address, with your contactless Visa imagin debit card.
  • How do I access my imaginBank account?

    At imaginBank we are thinking about you, so you can consult all your account information via the mobile app. We have designed an initial summary screen that will let you be up-to-date always and easily and quickly access what is more important.

    To access your account, go to the “Hello!” screen or the homepage in the “My money” section. Extremely user friendly online banking!

    If you don't have your cell phone on hand, you can view several things from the Facebook app or from the ATM, but to access all the functions, you will need the cell phone app.

  • Can I sign up for more than one imagin account?

    imaginBank is characterized by simplicity, so there is only one account per user. Because, why have more than one account if you have everything under control with just one account?

  • Can I register another account holder?

    No. The imagin account can only have one account holder.

  • Does the imagin account earn interest?

    No. At imaginBank, we think it's better to concentrate on not charging you fees for anything.

  • How do I make national transfers?

    To make a transfer to any account in Spain, go to the “imaginPay” option on the main menu and then the “Send money” option.

    After you are in “Send money”, if you have the account number (CCC or IBAN) of the recipient, select the “Their account” option.

    When you make the transfer, you can also save the recipient as a contact, and you won't ever have to enter their account number again! All contacts will be stored on your imaginBank agenda, where you can view them and add new ones.

  • How long will the national transfers I make take to arrive?

    If the destination account is at imaginBank or Caixabank, the recipient will receive the transfer the same day. If the account is at another bank, it will take approximately 48 hours to receive it.

  • Can I make transfers abroad?

    Transfers in euros to European countries (SEPA) are free of charge and can be done from the app. You can also do transfers through any Caixabank branch, but this operation carries a fee. Check the fees here.

  • What happens if they try to direct debit a bill and I don't have the money in my account?

    At imaginBank, we want to help you, so if we see that they are going to direct debit a bill and you don't have enough money in your account, we will give you a 24 hour advance notice so that you have time to deposit the money. After this period has ended, the bill will be bounced back.

  • Where can I find my account number and IBAN?

    It's very easy! Logon to your account from the imaginBank app and select the “My account details” option in “My money” on the lateral menu.

    For direct debit of bills and with the entry into force of SEPA, bill issuers will request the IBAN number of your account, which is the format that replaces the former CCC (Customer Account Code) and it is used throughout Europe.

  • How much does it cost to deposit a check from another country?

    We will not charge you any fee for depositing all the national checks you like, provided that you do so at a Caixabank ATM.

    For depositing international checks into your imagin account, these fees will be applied:

    • - If the currency is €, a fee of 0,4% of the nominal amount will apply with a minimum amount of €6.
    • - For any other currencies, a fee of 0,6% of the nominal amount will apply with a minimum amount of €6.
    • - For bounced checks, a fee of 1% of the nominal amount will apply with a minimum amount of €18.
  • How can I manage my bills and direct debits?

    Since we know the biggest headache is paying bills, we created a specific section with direct access from the main menu, from where you can always control them.

    Easily view the last bills paid and manage them from your cell phone. The imaginBank app lets you:

    • - View bill details
    • - Block the bills you don't want to pay again
    • - Return the bills that you were charged and don't want to pay or were a mistake

    Of course, once again all for free and unlimited!

  • What operations can I do at the ATM?

    At the more than 9400 Caixabank ATMs in Spain, in addition to having free operations, you will have a personalized imaginBank menu and you can do everything you need:

    • - Withdraw and deposit money
    • - Transfer money to whoever you want
    • - Deposit checks.
    • - Consult your balance and movements
    • - Change the card PIN number
    • - Change the language