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First steps: Mobile Banking

  • What is imaginBank?

    imaginBank is a mobile banking service that lets you control your money simply and transparently from your smartphone.

    Joining imaginBank means signing up for an account and a card with no fees and doing all your banking transactions from a cell phone app.

    You can also use Caixabank ATMs to deposit or withdraw money, and consult your account via social networks. With electronic banking, the days of going into a branch are over!

  • Are there any requirements?

    The only requirement for signing up for imaginBank is that you have to be over 18 and be a resident of Spain. With imaginBank you won't have to pay fees for account maintenance or for your debit card, or for withdrawing cash at Caixabank's 9500 ATMs, or for depositing national checks, or for making euro transfers in Spain. So why are you waiting to sign up?

  • How can I sign up if I'm not a CaixaBank customer?

    It's quite easy and only takes a few minutes!

    1. Go to registration process.
    2. Fill in your details and choose your password for logging on to imaginBank.
    3. Read, print and sign the documents we send you within 48 hours, after you've submitted the form.
    4. Pick the option for how you want us to send you documentation:
      1. Call us and we'll come pick it up.
      2. Drop it off at any Caixabank branch.
    5. Wait for us to send you an email confirming that you're now an imaginer and download the app at AppStore or Google Play to start enjoying all the advantages of the first bank where everything starts and finishes on your cell phone.
    6. In a few more days, you'll receive your contactless Visa imagin debit card.
    7. Go to a CaixaBank ATM and insert your card to set your PIN. Validate it with an SMS code and you’re ready to go. Then you can start to use it! And you will receive your card’s PIN in a separate letter.

    You can also register through Facebook.

  • How do I sign up if I'm already a CaixaBank customer?

    If you're already are a Caixabank customer, registering will be even faster because we already have your details.

    1. First download the app to your cell phone from the AppStore or Google Play.
    2. Enter your Línea Abierta username so we can identify you. If you don't have Línea Abierta, you will soon be able to register with your card.
    3. You have to define the passwords you'll use to login to imaginBank, as well as the PIN of your future imagin VISA card.
    4. After you're done, accept the contract terms using the Caixabank coordinates card or via the text message we will send you.
    5. After accepting, you can login to the app and start enjoying all the advantages of the imaginBank world.
    6. Within days you will receive a welcome letter, mailed to your address, with your contactless Visa imagin debit card.
  • What do I need to register? 

    Easy! You only need three things (and a fourth that is optional):

    1. Your personal data: name, address, etc.
    2. A picture of both sides of your Spanish ID (DNI). If you do not have Spanish nationality but you are a resident in Spain, you must upload your NIE or passport.
    3. The number of a bank account (IBAN code) for which you are an account holder at any bank in Spain. We will use it to validate your identity, and no charge will be made to this account.
    4. If you are freelance, have a copy of form 036/037 on hand.
  • Will I keep my Caixabank advantages?

    Of course! If you are already a Caixabank customer and you sign up for imaginBank, you keep all other products you already have. imaginBank gives you a separate account and card, regardless of what you already had with Caixabank. 

  • What do they give me when I sign up?

    imaginBank is a different way to do your banking. For us, all customers receive the same benefits: when you join imaginBank, we give you an account and a card, with no fees.

    You can consult your imaginBank whenever you like with our cell phone app  or via the Facebook app.

    Moreover, with the imagin debit Visa and our notifications, you'll have your earnings and purchases under control, since imaginBank does the work for you, so you can have all the information you need in the palm of your hand in an easy, user-friendly way. You can relax; we'll notify you right away if anything important happens in your account and if you bring us your salary or a minimum recurring income, check the promotions in force, and comply with the conditions, you can choose one of our gifts.

  • How do I download the app?

    You can use the imaginBank app as long as you have a mobile with an internet connection. You can currently download it from the Google Play (Android) and from the iTunes Store (iOS-iPhone).

    imaginBank is compatible with all Android mobile from version 4.2 onwards.

    It's also compatible with iPhone, from iOS7, and optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Can I use Caixabank branches?

    Of course! Although it isn't as convenient as doing it from your couch at home with the imaginBank cell phone app, you can also go into any Caixabank branch office

    However, remember that some of these operations - which are always free from the app - can have charges if you do them at branches.

    Inquiry here fees.

  • And if I come to the branch one day, what else will I be able to do?

    If you identify yourself at a CaixaBank branch, you will also be able to deposit over €600 per month via the cash machine using your card and over €1000 each year without your card.

    Of course we would like to get to know you, but we ask you this for security reasons.

  • And if everything is managed from my cell phone, what happens if I lose it?

    Firstly you must contact us to let us know that you have lost your cell phone, but remember that all your data will be secure, as nobody can access the app without the password.

  • I have a problem in the registration process.

    Don't worry about a thing, we are here to help you. Firstly it is important to know whether you were a CaixaBank customer when you joined imaginBank: