imagin&Buy insurance

  • How does purchase protection work?

    With just€1.95/month you can rest assured if you find yourself in one of these situations:

    - Have you purchased a product and then found it cheaper elsewhere?
    If the product that you have purchased has a price higher than €30 and the price difference is more than €20, we'll give you back the excess amount. That is, always with a maximum of €300 a year and having taken out imagin&Buy insurance with a minimum of a month's notice from the date of the proof of purchase.

    - Have you purchased something on the internet but the product hasn't arrived or it has arrived in bad conditions?
    We will give you back the amount of the purchase, as long as the product has a minimum purchase price of €30, up to a maximum of €300 a year because of claims and annuity.

    - Have you purchased some tickets and the event or concert has been cancelled?
    Don't fret, if you have taken out imagin&Buy insurance and the event for which you had purchased tickets is cancelled with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice, we will give you back 80% of its cost, with a limit of up to €300 a year.

  • What coverage is included in imagin&Buy insurance for my mobile phone?

    With this insurance you can have your smartphone protected; this insurance guarantees you:

    - The reimbursement of €100 for the purchase of a new mobile phone.

    - It covers you for the fraudulent use of calls with a limit of €300 and up to 2 claims a year.

    - A duplicate of the SIM card (in the event of theft or loss) with a limit of 2 claims a year.

    - Device tracking and blocking.

  • If I have a duplicate of my card in sticker format, am I also covered?

    With imagin&Buy insurance we cover all your purchases made with your card, regardless of its format (sticker or plastic).