Travel insurance

  • What does the insurance policy cover?

    Just enjoy your trip! Our travel insurance includes comprehensive cover for people, baggage, delays and other incidents that may arise while you are travelling.

    Here is a list of everything the policy covers:

    Medical treatment for people:

    • - Medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation fees.

    • - Cost of emergency dental treatment abroad.

    • - Security deposit for hospitalisation abroad.

    • -Ambulance services or repatriation for medical reasons.

    • - Dispatch of specialist abroad.

    • - Shipment of medicines abroad.

    • - Extended stay.

    • - Accommodation expenses for travel companion of hospitalised insured.

    • - Return expenses for travel companion.

    • - Early return.

    • - Return of dependent children.

    • - Transfer or repatriation of the mortal remains of the insured.

    • - Accommodation expenses for the person accompanying the mortal remains.

    • - Return of travel companions of the deceased.

    • - Medical consultation or advice from abroad.

    • - Administrative procedures for hospitalisation abroad.

    • - Emergency medical fees for travel companion of hospitalised insured.

    • - Travelling expenses of a companion.

    • - Person accompanying the mortal remains.


    • - Location of lost baggage or personal effects.

    • - Shipping of effects left behind during the trip.

    • - Loss or theft of checked baggage in public transport.

    • - Delay in the delivery of checked baggage in public transport.

    • - Loss or theft of personal documents abroad.

    • - Loss of hotel keys or keys to the main residence.

    Delays and other incidents during the trip:

    • - Travel delay.

    • - Travel delay due to overbooking.

    • - Missed connections.

    • - Trip cancellation.

    • - Reimbursement of travel curtailment costs abroad after departure.

    • - Family assistance.

    • - Bail and judicial procedures fees.

    • - Traveller information service.

    • - Medical information service.

    • - Transmission of urgent messages.

  • What is covered by the health insurance?

    In the event of an illness, accident or need for hospitalisation, the insurance includes:

    • - Medical, pharmaceutical and surgery fees.

    • - Travelling costs (return) and accommodation for a companion.

    • - Transfer by ambulance, including by plane, to a hospital in Spain.

    • - Extended stay for convalescence. If you cannot continue your trip following the advice of a medical adviser, the insurance will cover 10 days hotel accommodation.

    • - Expenses of up to €300 if you are abroad and must curtail your trip.

    • - Procedures and costs of repatriation in the event of death.

  • Who is this insurance for?

    Almost everybody! You will be able to insure any minor or adult up to the age of 89 years.

    You can also include other people in the policy. Up to 10 people can be included.

  • How can I customise my insurance policy?

    No two trips are alike, and the same goes for insurance policies. The imaginBank travel insurance is easy to take out. As it is structured in modules, when you sign up you can choose the number of people insured, the scope of the cover, the capital and the exact length of the cover.

    So, the term of the cover is variable and it will be adjusted to the length of your trip. Be water, my friend!

  • How much does the insurance cost and how do I pay it?

    The price of your insurance will depend on certain variables, such as the number of insured persons, the destination and the duration of your trip. But since an example is worth a thousand words, we leave you a few here so that you can get an idea of the price:

    • - A 3-day trip within Spain for one person can be insured starting at... €6.74!

    • - A 3-day trip within Europe for one person can be insured starting at... €12.40!

    • - A 14-day trip in the rest of the world for one person can be insured starting at... €37.87!

    The insurance will be charged at the beginning of the trip in a single payment. It couldn't be easier!

  • How can I use the insurance?

    It's simple! To report and process claims or get information on your policy, just call us on 902 555 146.

    • - For assistance during your trip, the assistance helpline is open 365 days a year, bank holidays included, 24 hours a day.

    • - For queries on your policy, the helpline will be open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

    But, take note! If you are abroad, remember to call the international assistance helpline: (+34) 932999258.

  • What happens if I have to come home earlier than I had planned?

    If you have to come back earlier than planned due to the hospitalisation or death of a family member, the policy includes two return tickets. And, if you are travelling with children and/or disabled people, we will organise their return trip home accompanied by the family member you assign or we will arrange for a companion to look after them.

  • What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

    We hope that nothing happens to prevent you from travelling, but if it does, don't panic! There is cancellation cover for cases involving hospitalisation or death which, once you include it in your plan, covers expenses up to €1,500.

  • What about flight cancellations or delays?

    We know that flight delays and cancellations are common, and this is why we will compensate you for any delay or cancellation of your trip. What's more, if you can't travel or continue your trip, we will help you to recover the costs.