VISA imagin debit card

  • What are the advantages of the imagin VISA card?

    • You can use it to pay at any merchant in the world that accepts VISA (almost all of them!).
    • With the imagin Visa, you can withdraw cash free from the 9400 Caixabank ATMs in Spain. In all other eurozone countries, you can withdraw cash from over 200,000 ATMs without imaginBank charging you a cent! Bear in mind however that the bank from which you withdraw money may apply a fee for using it.
    • You will benefit from CaixaProtect®, a service Caixabank offers to protect your card operations from fraud and we will also advise you of all your card movements, so that you don't end up getting an unpleasant surprise.
    • It is contactless. You won't need to enter the PIN for small purchases.
    • You can ask for a duplicate in bracelet or sticker format, totally free, with the convenience of being able to make purchases even if you don't have the imagin VISA with you.
  • How do I activate my imaginBank cards?

    For security purposes, until you activate your cards, nobody can use them. How do I activate them? It's very easy!

    If you are a CaixaBank customer:

    1. You already have the card PIN that you set during the registration process.
    2. Activate the card in the “My cards” section of the app, at any CaixaBank ATM or by making any purchase that requires a PIN.

    If you are not a CaixaBank customer:

    1. Find a CaixaBank ATM.
    2. Insert your card and set your PIN.
    3. Activate it using the SMS that we will send to your cell phone:
  • Which ATMs can I use to withdraw cash with my imaginBank card?

    All of them!

    It's that convenient: you have over 50,000 ATMs in Spain in the Euro6000, 4B and Servired network at your disposal, at which you can make withdrawals with your imagin Visa. However, it is only free at Caixabank ATMs, at which you'll also have a personalized menu with imaginBank operations.

    It is also possible that, although imaginBank does not charge you any fees for withdrawing cash with your imagin cards, the other banks other than Caixabank at which you withdraw cash, may apply a surcharge fee for use which we will pass on to you. This surcharge fee is applied by the bank that owns the ATM for using it.

    So that you know, for this fee or surcharge to be charged, the cash machine must notify you on the screen, so that you can cancel the operation if you do not want to pay it, because not all ATMs charge the fee and the fee amounts may vary.

  • Where can I use my imaginBank card?

    At any merchant, both stores and by internet, that accepts Visa Electron.

  • Can I use my imaginBank card outside of Spain?

    Yes, imagin cards travel with you, wherever you are: you can make purchases in any establishment and in any currency.

    you can also withdraw money from more than 200,000 ATMs in Europe* without paying fees. Of course, although imaginBank doesn't charge you any fees for taking out money with your imagin cards, institutions that you withdraw money from, except for CaixaBank ATMs, may apply for a surcharge fee. This surcharge fee is applied by the institution that owns the ATM.

    In any case, and for peace of mind, it's compulsory for the ATM to alert you of this fee on screen before you are charged, specifying the amount, meaning that you can cancel the transaction before it goes through if you wish, because not all ATMs charge this fee and the amount may even vary.

    *Countries included: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, The United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia.

  • Where do I have to go to pick up my imaginBank card?

    We will send your imagin Visa to your home address when you register.

  • What do I do if my imaginBank card does not arrive?

    Don't worry, the average time to receive the card is 2-3 weeks. If this time has elapsed since you were contacted regarding the dispatch, contact us and we will check it.

  • I don’t remember the PIN of my imaginBank card. What should I do? 

    Remember that if you are already a CaixaBank customer, you set your card’s PIN card when you registered with imaginBank, and if you were not a CaixaBank customer, you set it at the ATM when you activated your card.

    Even so, if you do not remember it, for the wristbands and stickers you can change it using the app, in “My cards”, choosing the corresponding device and the option “Change PIN”.

    If the PIN that you have forgotten is that of the physical imaginBank card, go to a CaixaBank branch so you can be assigned a new PIN.

  • I have blocked the PIN of my card. What should I do?

    For security reasons, if you have entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times, your card is automatically blocked.

    If you remember your password, call us on 900 211 211 and we will help you unblock it. This line will be open from 8am to 8pm, excluding national bank holidays. You can also contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via WhatsApp on 606 428 673.

    If you don’t remember the PIN, check the FAQ “I don’t remember the PIN of my imaginBank card. What should I do?”

  • SOS: What do I do if I lost my imagin Visa?

    If you lost your card or you think it may have been stolen, for security reasons you should block it as soon as possible by calling the free line 900 211 211 (or 938 87 25 25 if you are calling from abroad). This line will be open from 8am to 8pm, excluding national bank holidays. You can also contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via WhatsApp on 606 428 673.

    You can also block your card from the imaginBank app. Within the “My cards” section on the main menu, you will see the option "Block". If you want, the "New card" option is on the same menu to request a new card, which will be sent to your address within a few days.

  • Help! I lost my cell phone, can I still use my imagin Visa?

    Of course! Even if you don't have your cell phone with you or you lost it, you can keep using your imagin cards at any ATM to withdraw cash – and Caixabank ATMs for operations – or even go into any Caixabank branch to do any transaction.

  • Can I pay with my cell phone?

    If your smartphone has NFC technology, you can pay directly with just your cell phone. To do this, activate the function in the app under the “imaginPay” option and “Pay with cell phone” on the main menu.

    If your cell phone does not have NFC, you can always ask for a contactless sticker to stick on the back of your cell phone.

  • What are the imagin contactless sticker and bracelet?

    Do you want to be cutting edge? Ask for a complementary card in contactless bracelet or sticker format, free of charge, so you can pay everywhere in the easiest, most convenient, secure and contactless way:

    • The imagin sticker is a tiny card you can stick onto the back of your cell phone that gives you peace of mind if you forget your wallet at home some day.
    • The imagin bracelet lets you do any sort of activity without having to carry anything around, and since it is silicone, it is water resistant, stretchy and adjustable. Like you were wearing the card on your wrist.

    Now, with imaginBank, be the coolest one around by wearing the latest in payment technology.

  • How can I request an imagin contactless sticker or imagin bracelet?

    It is very easy! From your imaginBank app, in the “My cards” section on the main menu, you'll see the "New card" option. After you are inside this option, you just need to enter which one you want, confirm the shipping address and you'll receive it at your address within a few days, free of charge. 

  • How can I change the PIN of the card?

    You can change the card PIN number at any Caixabank ATM. Use our ATM locator  to find the one closest to you. Additionally, for the wristbands and stickers you can change it using the app, in “My cards”, choosing the corresponding device and the option “Change PIN”.

  • How can I view my card operations?

    You can view your card transactions in the imagin app much easier. Go to “My cards” on the main menu and you can see them all very clearly and simply:

    • All expenses charged to your card in chronological order.
    • Comparison between purchases and deposits at ATMs.

    Apart from these two functions on the homepage of “My cards”, you can view your purchases organized by categories, for better control over your spending.

    To make it easier for you, you can also search by date for a specific purchase or by a specific period for movements.