Your best smile for €10.50 a month

That smile that reading a message puts on your face,
that Friday evening smile, that smile when you know
that you have a dentist available very near to you.

We like all your smiles, that is why we make it easy for you with our dental insurance.

Do you want to see which dentist is closest to home?
Let's go!

Why take out dental insurance?

  • Because you have comprehensive dental coverage

    It includes consultations, dental cleaning, x-rays, care without cost, and you will be able to access the most complete orthodontic treatments, implant treatments, whitening treatments…

  • Because you can insure up to 6 people

    The more people you add to your policy, the greater the savings. Sharing is smiling!

  • Because taking it out is fast and really easy

    No health questionnaire. And you will be able to choose between 1,100 odontologists and more than 170 Adeslas dental clinics!

What does this insurance include For €10,50 a month?

At no additional cost

  • Dentist consultations and check-ups.

  • Orthodontic studies.

  • Implant treatment study.

  • Dental cleaning.

  • X-rays.

  • 24 h emergencies (Madrid and Barcelona).

Up to 50% savings

With respect to what you would pay without insurance.

  • Implants.

  • Orthodontic treatment.

  • Whitening treatments.

  • A policy whose price decreases the more people insured!
    The more people covered, the more you save.

  • More than 1,100 odontologists at your service.

  • More than 170 Adeslas dental clinics at your disposal.


Frequently asked questions and further information on the dental insurance:

  • Which free treatment is included in the insurance?

    The Dental Insurance includes the most common and routine dental treatment at no additional cost:

    • Dental cleaning.

    • Fluoride treatments.

    • Extractions.

    • Care.

    • Diagnosis consultations.

    • Dental x-rays.

    • Orthodontic treatment studies.

    • Bracket replacement.

    • 24h ER in Barcelona and Madrid.

    Just smile!

  • How much does the insurance cost?

    You can take out the Dental Insurance at a very low cost, which also decreases with the number of people insured in the same policy.


    • 1 insured person: €10.50.

    • 2 insured persons: €15.

    • 3 to 4 insured persons: €21.

    • 5 to 6 insured persons: €25.

    The more the merrier!

  • How can I use the insurance?

    It's simple! To report and process claims or find out more information on your policy, please call us on 902 30 10 06.

Information subject to the terms and conditions of contracting and subscription of the insurance companies, as well as to the taxation in force.

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