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Insurance for your pet

With ImaginBank pet insurance, your pet will always be protected.

From €5.74 per month!

Why should you take out insurance for your pet?

  • Free veterinary consultations and check-ups

    No limits: with the full insurance category, you will have access to a veterinary directory with more than 300 veterinary clinics and hospitals.

  • 24-hour assistance

    No worries! In an emergency, you can call 902 555 147, and a team of professionals will give you veterinary guidance over the phone, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

  • Pay however you like

    You choose the payment method: weekly, quarterly, every six months or yearly.

You can choose between two insurance categories:

For some unexpected events!
All the protection in the world for your pet!
Death due to an accident: up to €1,000 capital

Theft: up to €800 capital

Civil liability: up to €180,000 capital

Death due to an illness: up to €1,000 capital

Veterinary assistance

An extensive veterinary directory with more than 300 clinics, with coverage around the country

No limit to veterinary consultations

Free check-ups and rabies vaccination

Reduced excess for all other services: spaying, mouth cleaning, etc.

No waiting periods1

Everything you need to know!

Do you want to insurea your pet for everything related to her life and wellbeing? She deserves it!With ImaginBank’s full insurance for pets, you can have access to free consultations, vaccinations and check-ups. So all you need to focus on is enjoying your time with your pet!

  • It doesn’t matter what breed your pet is!

  • The policy is held in place even after your pet turns 9.

  • No health questionnaire or waiting periods.

  • Effective immediately!

  • Free vaccinations, consultations and check-ups.

  • 24-hour telephone assistance: veterinary guidance for emergencies, information on dog kennels and catteries, travel protocol, and more!

  • Annual duration and automatic renewal.

  • You choose the payment method: annual, every six months, quarterly or monthly.

FAQs and more information on the imagin pet insurance:

  • What animals are included in the insurance?

    You can insure dogs and cats, regardless of the breed. You can even insure breeds of dog that are considered dangerous, under the same conditions as any other breed of dog!

  • Are there age limits for ensuring my pet?

    You can insure dogs and cats up to 9 years of age. However, if your pet is already insured when it turns 9, we will continue to give it the attention it needs, without increasing the price of the policy!

  • Does my pet need to have a chip to be able to get the insurance?

    Yes, the chip is essential for taking out the insurance. Furthermore, thanks to the microchip number, you can take out the insurance and identify yourselves at the vet in the blink of an eye.

    We suppose you know your pet's microchip details, but if you're one of those who doesn't even know where its head is, here are four options for finding them:

    1. 1. The microchip number corresponds to the first 15 digits of the barcode on the ID card.

    2. 2. This barcode can also be found on the health card.

    3. 3. You can ask for it in your province's veterinarian college.

    4. 4. The REIAC (Spanish Pet Identification Directory) can also give you this information.

  • Is the insurance applied immediately once the policy is taken out?

    Yes! The insurance will be valid from the day you take out the contract. But as there is always an exception to the rule, we must inform you that there is a six-month waiting period for the guarantee for death due to an illness, which we hope is not the situation for your pet.

  • How can I contact to communicate an emergency or a claim?

    We offer you a telephone helpline service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where a team of professionals will give you veterinary guidance in the event of an emergency: 902 555 147. In addition, they will help to answer any questions you may have related to the everyday life of your pet. Your pet will always be protected against unexpected events!

    You can use this same telephone number to report any incidents you need to claim for. But remember! You will have to do so within 7 days of the incident occurring.

1. Except for the guarantee for death due to illness, for which there is a 6-month waiting period.

Monthly premiums (including taxes and surcharges) for new SegurCaixa Mascotes policies taken out until 31/12/2018. See rates for other payment methods (annual, quarterly, or half-yearly). 

Information subject to the terms and conditions of contracting and subscription of the insurance companies, as well as to the taxation in force.

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