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3 different ways to move your money with imaginBank

With new mobile banking, you no longer need a card. You send money to your contact lists, pay with the app and you just need one finger to manage your accounts.

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    Via your contact list

    Send money to your friends how and when you want.

  • With your mobile phone

    Pay with contactless and forget about the sound of loose change.

  • With the new imaginBank app

    Manage and control your money at a glance.

Your banking, in another format

  • No fees

    Get an imagin Visa and don't pay a single euro.

  • Cash anywhere

    Withdraw money for free at 9,500 CaixaBank cash machines.

  • With freedom of movement

    Forget about passwords and never-ending IBAN numbers.

And you, what do you think?

No branches or fees. I pay with my mobile and I can forget about my wallet. With imaginBank, it looks like the future of banking has arrived.

Making transfers is as easy as selecting whoever you want from your mobile contact list.

I left my wallet with my card at home but with imaginBank, all I need is my mobile to withdraw money! And best of all, there are no fees!